OloiCoin (OLOI)

OloiCoin allows everyone to catch up with Crypto
OloiCoin gives everyone an affordable access to Ethereum´s exciting world (DAOs, dApps, DeFI, Gaming, NFTs, ...)
OloiCoin is the token everyone has been waiting for 







2666 Oloi

Owned by Nobody
Controlled by Nobody

This Is What OloiCoin Does

Oloicoin secures the Ethereum Network and contributes to its exponential Growth

 Over 8 billion TVL in ETH
OloiCoin is the Token Everyone deserves. OloiCoin helps the Ethereum Blockchain and secures ETHs value forever by locking over 8 billion worth of Ethereum in the OloiWallet, owned and controlled by Nobody.
 1 Billion OLOI Locked Away
OloiCoin is the Token Everyone deserves. 1 billion OloiCoins are locked away forever in the OloiWallet, owned and controlled by nobody and are used to secure the Long-Term Value of this Token for the Ethereum Family.
 Ethereum´s Digital World
OloiCoin ICO proceeds are never exchanged for Fiat Currency. What happens in ETH stays in ETH. Ethereum is here to stay and every ETH that is exchanged for OloiCoin stays in ETHs exciting digital world. 

About OloiCoin

Oloi is a greek Word that means Everyone. 
The Founders created OloiCoin for everyone who missed out on ETH in 2015. With OloiCoin the Ethereum network becomes stronger as more users can afford to join it´s ecosystem (DAOs, dApps, DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, ...). 
In doing so, we secure the Long-Term Value of the Ether token and contribute to the expansion of the Ethereum blockchain´s adaption in the digital & physical world. The 1 billion OloiCoins locked away in the OloiWallet also make OLOI a powerful token in the metaverse for the next 100 million years and beyond. 

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